Our Services

IP Management for Companies

External IP management with a focus on patent information and data,  AI patent searches and patent monitoring, IP marketing, patent marketing, IP strategy development, IP process developments, the creation of IP process instructions, IP training. Offsetting temporary bottlenecks of your existing IP resources.

AI Patent Search / Patent Monitoring

Patent rights on novelty and an overview on the state of the art. FTO (Freedom to operate) patent searches. Patent monitoring using professional patent databases.

Product Marking / Virtual Marking

Marking management for patented products or products that include other industrial property rights such as trademark and design patents. Publication of product-related industrial property right data. Labeling of products with industrial property right notices. Manipulation-proof evidence of virtual marking using DLT Blockchain technology.

Patent Management for Freelance Inventors

Competent support with the implementation of technical inventions for patents. Patent searches especially for freelance inventors. Manipulation-proof evidence of ideas, inventions and copyright using DLT Blockchain technology.