About us

About us

Patentmanager.de is an engineering office specializing in patent data and patent information (IP data/information) for your intellectual property and products. We provide data and information on industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents. Our clients are both companies from industry that require support in IP management, also on an interim basis, as well as patent attorney practices. We inform independent inventors on the platform erfinderinnen.de with patent data on their technical inventions in the form of brief research on the state of the art and we support them in a cost-efficient manner.

Patent Information for Companies – Our Core Competence

The key focus of our services is the external IP management for companies in industry. Here the main priority is the professional online preparation of patent or other industrial property information with the corresponding data.
We offer the following online services for customers who are interested in an AI patent search or patent monitoring;
•  AI patentsearch.ONLINE
•  AI patentmonitoring.ONLINE

Product Marking/Virtual Marking – Our Other Core Competence

We support you in marking your products in terms of patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents. Here, we use the method known as virtual marking. [More]

Transparency and Competence in Patent and Industrial Property Right Matters

We will be happy to support you and your company with our IP services involving all of your intellectual property that should be protected or marked with your products. We are looking forward to your query if you are interested in one of our services.

Your Patentmanager team wishes you much success with your innovations.

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Topics and Other Information

Here you can find important information, current topics and offers from Patentmanager.de. Major companies in industry can find information and access on the new platform ip-rights.watch in terms of the product marks of patents and other industrial property rights. Small and medium-sized companies, patent attorneys and startups can access the patentmanager.SHOP here as contractual partners.

Virtual Marking

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