Virtual Marking

Dynamic Virtual Marking (DVM): Product marks with fully automatic and always current legal status for your patents. Protection against reverse engineering. Blockchained.

Do you mark your products sufficiently in terms of your industrial property rights such as patents, trademarks or design patents? Or do you mark them in a time-consuming manner, thereby being prone to errors, with individual patent numbers?

If you do not do either, you are forfeiting your claims for potential damage payments in the event of an industrial property right of your intellectual property (IP). In countries such as the US, Australia and Great Britain, you are obligated to mark your products in terms of any damage claims. Damage claims are extremely important, particularly in the US. As you know, damages are not only comprised by the damage total itself but also with a high penalty payment. In addition to a weakened legal position, if a mark is missing, under some circumstances large amounts of money, often six figures and up, are “just given away”.

Our solution

You use our sticker and stick it onto all products that at least contain a patent, design or trademark (your company logo is sufficient!). No time-consuming distinctions for your production processes. Exactly one sticker for all products!Virtual Marking” makes this possible and is compliant with the law in the aforementioned countries, among others. The special notification text on the stickers is checked for legal security through national expert reports. No patent notifications due to outdated legal statuses. No violation of competition! Feel free to also have this confirmed by your legal department or attorneys.

Fully-automated process

We offer you a new, simple and fully-automated process to label your relevant commercial industrial property rights and always guaranty current, public and international legal status information “against” competitors and potential product pirates. In other words, the legal status (pending, granted, lapsed) is automatically updated per country. Any time-consuming maintenance on your part is no longer necessary. This means that your damage claim is ensured! Apply for and protect your valuable IP at the same time!

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Please visit our newly established platform and see the simplicity for yourself. Copy protection against reverse engineering!

Advertise with your patents, trademarks or design and protect your valuable IP at the same time.

With DLT blockchain technology for manipulation-proof, courtsafe documentation of the Virtual Marking.

Elimination of objections under anti-competition law

The issue of a possible patent notification or the notification of another industrial property right does not arise with the clever formulation of the text on the sticker if you are engaged in solid IP management with which at least one trademark is registered for each of your products. Your company logo and/or your company name are certainly protected and are labeled on your products. If not, please take care of this now – usually the information is already available on your identification plate and all you need is the registration for a trademark. You thereby meet the requirement of keeping your production processes streamlined – thus you take one and the same sticker for all relevant products.

Elimination of logistic objections

Do you have concerns regarding the effort to list the product-related industrial property rights? If you have your company headquarters or a branch in Germany, you are even legally required to do this assignment at least internally. Specifically, in most cases, you just determine the product-related sales for employee inventor compensation so that you can provide compensation according to the Employee Inventor Law (Arbeitnehmererfindergesetz ). Thus, you will have no further effort in addition to the listing on our form. On the contrary: We take care of the data maintenance and updating of the legal status from the patent databases in a fully automated way for you for the entire industrial property right period if you like.


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